How to Recognize and Help Sensitive Children to Manage Emotions

Does Mother see Little often cry or excessive anger when hearing the words of others when joking? Or, he cried loud and long, just because he did not get a red balloon like his friend. It is possible for children with these characteristics, including children who are psychologically sensitive. These children naturally naturally overreact to something that is actually normal. However, around 15-20% of children are born with a nervous system that is more alert and quick to react to things that happen around them. Not only on the actions or words of others, but also on the smell, sound, light, and even the mood of the people around him. Toddlers who are quite sensitive can not even rarely read the emotions of their parents, you know, Mother. Emotional with High Empathy According to psychologists, parenting patterns, especially at an early age, will determine whether this sensitivity will be something that is troubling and causes prolonged anxiety or is actually an advantage that chi
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